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Added Style With Vets


If you want a unique article of clothing that isn't being worn by every single person on the street, you might want to consider investing in a vest.

Added Style With Vets

Vests are rare in the fashion world but they are making a comeback, and more and more young fashionistas are sporting vests in order to create a bold and dramatic fashion statement in their own, up and coming wardrobes.

Bringing Back the Vests

For several years, vests had faded almost completely out of style.

Stodgy businessmen and elderly teachers were some of the only people who sported the age-old vest. Today, however, the vest is making a comeback. Younger people are rediscovering just how amazing a vest can be. This simple article of clothing can add a lot to your outfit.

It acts almost like a merger between an article of clothing and an accessory.

Not as restricting or inhibiting as a full scale suit coat, a vest is nevertheless a classy and elegant way to dress up an outfit. Whether you sport a neutral grey vest, a stylish black vest, or a sleek and snazzy pinstripe vest, a suit vest can up the ante of your outfit and make people truly take notice of you and your sense of style.

Fun and Comical Vests

Some vests are not serious at all. These vests are fun in nature and may be worn for a comic effect.

Some of these vests feature colorful prints or characters and are worn as conversation pieces. Other vests are made from rich and exotic fabrics like colored velvet or silk.

These vests may not add class and glamour to your outfit, but they will certainly make a statement about your personal sense of style.

Classy, Formal Vests

If you want to wear a vest that will make you look classy, well put together, and serious, you should consider investing in a suit that has a matching vest.

Three piece suits consist of a pair of trousers and a matching coat and vest.

When you get to the office, you can remove the restrictive coat and still have on a stylish vest that will make you look powerful and capable.

You can also wear a sweater vest underneath a sports coat for a more casual look.

Vests are old-fashioned, but they are coming back into style and are being worn by members of the younger generation.

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