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Get in Style for Autumn with New Wardrobe Pieces


Cooler weather brings the return of many standard fashion elements, such as sweaters, a layered look, and darker colors.

Get in Style for Autumn with New Wardrobe Pieces

But there is much variation to this theme to keep your wardrobe lively and constantly in flux.

Cashmere and cable knit sweaters will be popular season after season. But the sweater itself is constantly reincarnated. Liz Claiborne has taken a cable knit sweater and curved the cable pattern inward at the waist to give the illusion of the feminie shape.

Long sweaters are also hot. Sweaters in the junior department run to the knees with hoods and no sleeves. Another popular sweater style is the makeover of the poncho. This look is given many new names, such as the cape sweater, and the fit varies just as much, from ornate knits to a more blanket-like look closed with toggle-style buttons.

Long sweaters are more flattering when cinched at the waist. Some sweaters will have a built-in cord to tie while others require a separate belt.

A Belt Is the Favorite Accessory

Belted sweaters, shirts, and jackets are everywhere. And the belt sizes run the gamut.

Pencil thin shiny red patent belts with delicate buckles or large black leather swaths that play the role of corset are both fashionably acceptable.

Shirts, Jackets and Vests for Fall

Shirts with ruffles at the neckline are feminine and flirty.

They also pair well under long sleeveless sweaters. Ruffled shirts also can be worn with another fall must-have, the short jacket.

These cropped jackets vary widely, sometimes with short gathered sleeves and sometimes with three-quarter sleeves. Wide collars and lapels on jackets call for less ruffly shirts. Material also is variable, although shiny fabrics and patent leather are common.
Vests have remained a popular wardrobe piece for a few years now and are a handy item to toss on as the weather cools. Vests can be conservative for work or sporty and quilted or wild animal prints for going out.

Dresses, Skirts and Pants that fit the Autumn Trends

Skirts that hit right around the knee, either above or below, are a feature in many fall lines.

Short, formless dresses are definitely in. These styles accent great legs but are more forgiving to a less-than-perfect midsection.

The dresses have some resemblance to the babydoll look. The great thing about pants this fall is that anything goes. The war over skinny jeans, wide legs, low rise or high-waisted is still being waged and right now the only rule is that it must look good on you.

Purses, Shoes, and Leggings

The hot fabric to have this fall in your accessories is a shiny patent leather. Some of these leathers are so processed and slick they have a wet look.

Coach has a few options with this popular fabric. Shoes for fall move back to the classic colors of brown, black, and dark red. While much variation exists in heel size and round toe, square toe, pointy toe, or peep toe shoes, one look that appears again and again is the updated Mary Jane.

Either functioning straps or nonfunctional straps with buckles, and sometimes three thin straps side-by-side, all help to revive that old favorite look.

And what you put in your Mary Janes this fall had better be covered by some type of legging, colored tights, or patterned hose.

Most Popular Clothing Colors for Fall

Fall colors seem to fall into two discrete families: either jewel tones or muted autmn hues.

The autumn hues consist of a mustard yellow, pumpkin orange, rusty red and dark sage green.
If this soft palette is not for you, then try the jewel tones, such as amethyst, garnet, emerald, sapphire, ruby, and what Ralph Lauren calls "jewel pink".

The vivid colors of jewel tones play into the current vibrant colors found on eyeshadows and liners. This family of colors looks best when paired with classic black and gray pieces.

Fall Fashion 2008 Round-Up

This fall remember your key pieces to this season's look: shiny leather accessories, jewel tones, big sweaters, and belted tops.

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